The Writer

The composer, lyricist and arranger of the songs on these albums is Brendan James Raymond. He has been writing songs and music for about eleven years, playing the piano for fourteen, and singing since he could talk. He also plays the guitar and the ukulele, and fiddles around with other instruments now and then. He has written enough songs that they average out to one about every forty days since birth.

Brendan was brought up in a Christian family, and for most of his life went to Campbelltown Church Of Christ. He has been involved in a school mission to Thailand, a Christian band touring India, and has studied for two years at the Australian College Of Ministries, run by the Churches Of Christ. He currently leads the music for evening services at Cobbitty Anglican Church. He thinks that more important than achievements like this, though, is the state of one's heart and an individual's journey with God, but that's much harder to neatly summarise. It doesn't like dot points so much!

Discovering his own identity is a journey that Brendan is still on, and one that he is passionate about for all people. He also sees beauty in everyone and pretty much everything, which he finds both an incredible gift and difficulty, at times. Brendan can be interested by anything if he looks at it for long enough, so it's very easy for him to commit to way too many things, because everything is awesome!

Brendan has faced struggles with loneliness, pornography, identity, self-motivation, fantasy, trust, self-worth, lust, relationships, addiction, shame, secrets, pride, and many others. Many of these he still struggles with on some level. He believes that two of the most important things in battling these issues, and those like them, are being honest, and remembering that you are not alone in the battle.

Brendan also finds writing in the third-person inherently amusing, but thought it more appropriate to the nature of this project, because it's not about him.

If you’re interested in having Brendan share about his journey, play any of his songs, or speak on any of these (or other) issues that you think would work well with your group, school, church, or organisation, then feel free to contact him here.