The Crux Project

This all started with music. Just a few songs, that started to have a common theme. And then, the idea came of four core ideas of God's identity. Not merely parts of who he was, or metaphors or ways to describe God, but completely who God is. God is not just passionate about, or interested in, or like, life, love, light, or truth. He is life, love, light, and truth. This idea was first written into the bridge of the song You Say, part of the album Living.

But it wasn't long before the idea grew - what about writing an album around each of these ideas? An album about life, one about love, another about light, and a final one about truth? A four-album cycle. A four-album project, exploring the identity of God, and the identity of people, because these are intertwined.

From this idea, Crux was born.