Son, Brother, Bride

For too long, men have clung to ideas of masculinity that spring from action movies and old stereotypes. Be strong, be tough. Be sporty, be fast. Be the best, beat everyone else. Don't let them see you cry. Be smart, be clever. Get the girl. Be everything.

Are you tired of trying to live up to what the world expects of you as a man? Wanting to understand what it is that men are really supposed to be? Seeking God's purpose and intention in masculinity? Confused and hurt by the ideas about men that people around you have? Then perhaps this book is for you.

Come on a journey as we seek to discover how a man's identity is entwined in the identity of God himself; as we uncover God's design for us as men; and as we challenge pre-conceived notions of masculinity and maleness. Experience what you were truly made to be - Son, Brother, and Bride.

Son, Brother, Bride is currently in a draft and feedback phase. If you would like more information about this book, or want to be notified when it is available, please send a message via the Contact page.