"He is not the God of the dead, but of the living."

- Matthew 22:32b

Life. That's where it all starts. But not just life in the physical sense, the biological sense - but life that is lived. When we have movement, noise, growth - this is what living is. Life is a key element to the identity of God, and the identity of us.

Life is akin to the element of air. Air permeates and is present everywhere, to the point that we forget about it. Yet, we could not survive without it. Air is not conspicuous by its presence, but by its absence. In the same way, life is most obvious when it is absent. When something that should be moving, isn't. When something that should be growing has stopped. When something that should be flowing and rushing is just caught in an eddy. When something that should be loud is silent. You notice when life is gone, because it seems so wrong. And it is. We were each made to live. To live full lives, abundant and overflowing. How are you living?

This is the video of the full "Living" album launch that took place in September 2016. Apologies for the varying levels of audio - I've tried to even it out, but you may need to adjust it yourself here and there.