God's Love Song

By this, all people will know that you are my disciples; if you have love for one another."

- John 13:35

God is love. This is perhaps one of the first and most important things that we learn about God - yet it is so easy to forget, or to never fully comprehend. How many see this love only through the lens of the love that their earthly father gives? How many see this love only as that which they would have for a friend? But the love God has is something much greater. His is a love that pursues, that woos, that chases after us with an incredible passion. A fiery passion that we wouldn't expect from a God that is so easy to think of as being very distant, and away in the sky somewhere - but he's not. He is very much present and among us, with you right now, and calling your name. Singing a song of love and grace over you. He is singing God's Love Song.

Love is akin to the element of water. Water gives life, supports life, and hold life within it. As does love. Water also has an incredible depth, with, and breadth - so does love. And all too many know of the untameable, wild nature of the ocean. So it is, too, with God. Because God is love. Take care before you take a swim in this ocean - because you might just find that it won't let you go. And once you're in, you'll never be the same. God's love. It's life-changing.

Here, you can listen to the album in its entirety. On the left are each of the tracks, and links to buy and download the album should you want to do so. You can also follow through the links to read more in-depth information about each song; such as lyrics, the story of how it was written, Bible references, and album credits. Also, pretty much everything that I said during the album launch event.

The above music player has a more professional mix of the title track done by a friend, as a bit of a treat. Hope you enjoy!