The Beginning Of The End.

We've come to the beginning of 2018, and the end of 2017 has passed. Which means that it is the beginning of the end for a project that has spanned four years - The Crux Project.

I started this series of four albums at the beginning of 2014, with the song The Drip. And yesterday, I finished writing the last song of the final album - Are You Listening? I've never undertaken a creative project like this before. I'd written plenty of songs, and then had ideas about bringing them together after the fact; but I'd never set out to write a set of songs to specifically tell a story, weave a narrative collectively - much less over the course of four albums! It's been an absolute privilege seeing these songs grow, and being given the responsibility of sharing them with people, and using them as a vessel to tell parts of my own story.

There is still plenty of work to do; only the writing is finished, and I'm sure many things will change in the songs from now until when they are recorded. But it's the beginning of the end of this project. However, though Crux started from this - it is also much more than this. And I look forward to seeing what God has in store on the horizon.