An Invitation To Love.

We are a people designed for connection; affection; community; touch; romance; love.

And yet; we are so lonely, isolated, and disconnected. Some of that is a product of our modern world; turning connection into a commodity, through things like social media, dating websites, and pornography

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Love - A Stretch?

One of the main places that Crux comes from, these four ideas of life, love, light, and truth, is from the "I AM"s in John's Gospel. These are seven statements that Jesus gives where he states, "I AM...." this or that.

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Words Of Love

"My dear children...."

This was a phrase that the apostle John used often in his first letter that we have. It's a term of endearment, to those that he loves. It seems quite reminiscent of the way that Jesus related to his disciples, or how God relates to us.

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From Life to Love

Hello everyone! Thank you to those who have been patient with the uploading of new material to this site. We now finally have all the lyrics for Living uploaded, and we will be getting the video of the album launch soon, and making that available.

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