From Life to Love

Hello everyone! Thank you to those who have been patient with the uploading of new material to this site. We now finally have all the lyrics for Living uploaded, and we will be getting the video of the album launch soon, and making that available. Depending on upload speed, that may take some time; but hopefully within the next week! If you're on the Crux Facebook page, there will be updates posted there.

But this post is more for a different reason.

As you are no doubt aware, we are now in 2017! The start of a new year, and a new season.
In 2016, we saw the album launch for Living, and the completion of the writing for the album Shine The Light, as well as the launch of Crux, with the website and Facebook page.
In 2017, we start writing the fourth and final album of the Crux Project, based around the core of 'truth' (name to be determined); but also, the recording and launch of the album God's Love Song!

Now, considering that the work for the album launch of Living took rather a long time (at least two years, not including the writing itself), you may think this somewhat premature/crazy. And that's fair. However, there are a couple of crucial differences this time around. Firstly; I have a bit more time on my hands to dedicate to this. And secondly; this time, there's no band. Each track is just one instrument and voice. Fairly certain that they're all going to be grand piano and voice (assuming that I can manage to get the funds to record with a grand piano!), but leaving it open, for the possibility that some may sound better with acoustic guitar. But either way, single instrument. Almost definitely. So the plan is to have that recorded, and the album launch happen, in the first half of this year. I don't know how that will work, but that's the plan.

Hopefully, then I'll be able to start working towards the recording and album launch of the third album - or alternatively, get really stuck into writing the fourth, depending on how that's been coming along.

Regardless - I was super-excited to finally be able to bring you the songs and stories that made up Living. But I am SO MUCH MORE excited to bring you the songs and stories within God's Love Song! They're very close to my heart (funnily enough, being centred around love), and I really can't wait to be able to share them with you. Because love is something that is so important and crucial to our lives, our very being and existence, and yet we really don't understand it very well. We use this same word - 'love' - for how we can feel about our dog, our family, and icecream. Isn't that a little strange to you? Well, this year, I want to take you on a journey. A journey to try and understand what love really means. To dive deeper into our understanding of identity - that of ourselves, of others, and of God.

I hope you'll join me as I bring you God's Love Song.