An Invitation To Love.

We are a people designed for connection; affection; community; touch; romance; love.

And yet; we are so lonely, isolated, and disconnected. Some of that is a product of our modern world; turning connection into a commodity, through things like social media, dating websites, and pornography. But it is also a simple fact that so many of us, even when we are aware of God, turn to each other to try and fill our need for love and affection. But that can never be filled by another person.

Love invitation

This is your invitation. An invitation to discover the Father that loves you, in ways beyond what you could imagine. To experience true, real, love. From someone that is infinite, and cannot run out of love for you. Whose love does not change from day-to-day, depending on how they feel, or on what you have done, or haven't done. It is constant, and forever.

Come. Find love.